From Here

by Sea People

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this album is about going places and doing things


released November 11, 2011

engineered by sandy greenfield, mixed/mastered by david kettler and the band




Sea People Stanford


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Track Name: Delaware
Mountains march like ants to the south, to the sea... and great plains like plates, blank slates; I'll be free. Jet plane, can't you fly any faster now? I've left behind a part of me, but I move past her now.

Hey, I'm coming back to you.

In between the urban glow you rest your bones beneath green hills, and to your east the river flows; to its end I'll drink my fill. I'll savor you one last time, because before I know, I'll be gone again... No one knows you, no one loves you like I do, my old friend.
Track Name: Mother
Father, where have you gone? I wanted to ask you, who is your god? Father, listen to me: I wanted to tell you I'm far from the tree.

From far away the faces start to fade from memory, and on the day the children find their way. I'll climb trees and all around the mowers mow the ground and pull the weeds. Am I allowed to stay and hear the sounds of leaves falling down?

Sister, would you throw me a rope? I'm caught in the fire and buried in snow. Sister, would you lend me your smile? The distance is growing, please stay for a while. Mother, I just realized that death only kills me while I'm alive.
Track Name: Sun
...and sunset split the sky in fire. A moment flickering burned away the fickle rain (which seldom since was seen). You stood out in the street that night with a couple friends, and shadows danced across the walls (in the morning we'll make amends).

The lights flicker on and off, now are you bristling? Shimmering sights, we move in flights... lines traced bright as any sun.

And from the moon a bright spotlight: patterns stretched on seams, etchings left in brittle bone, an echo in motif.

The lights flicker off, come one and come all: shimmering sights as bright as any sun! Sound up from ground, break my will and more... Rainfall and clouds and the distant sounds of war.
Track Name: The Moon is a Clock
You're driving fast through the rain to your broken home in the middle of a war. You've got the tools to repair all those bullet holes. You're a fool not to fix all those bullet holes.

So rally all the troops, because I don't want to lose. And even though we'll fall, we'll remember what we saw.

You're driving fast through the rain away from your broken home, dodging shells left and right. You wave goodbye, like you're flying from your funeral. Say goodbye, because you're watching the world's funeral.

Remember when they said the moon was just a clock? Remember when they said you only had to knock?
Track Name: Bohemia
Take me aboard your bohemian ship and we'll sail to the winds of whims. Take my hand and we will go back to the garden of eve once again.

The stars are full of memories for they've stared into the past. Forget your place and time; come wandering at last. Carry me away on a cold wind to anywhere I want to go From Here.

Take me to the edge of reason, the edge of time, and we'll fly our chariot to the sun. Once we go there we will never want to leave for the truth would blind everyone.
Track Name: Formerly Nomad
So I let my colors bleed into the thirsty ground as I wash myself in the rain. I've carried the weight of the sun on my back for days and I've walked in the traces of the moon.

I've dreamt of a future forged out of sand and of a snake biting its tail. The people roam the streets with a wild abandon... washed in the rain. Forgotten my name, I've lost my name, but it's still the same.

Stare into my waking dream and realize our realities are the same. I'll write the songs in my head and you'll hum their melodies, and we'll wait for better days...

All is lost, all is gained. Becoming the strange with stranger ways, but I'm still the same.
Track Name: Lukka
I saw the lions from the mast of modest vessel. I felt the evening like a mask you couldn’t wrestle. And here come the heroes with their flags to lead the people. Here lie the cattle in the grass beneath the steeple.

What a feeling when I lose it all-- my head reeling, a slave to the call

Gone with the Lukka over near the Seething Straits. Gone, I was wary, for the seer did tell me to wait. But prophecies I doubt because I live to break the lines. All of my memories are my soul, and they are my smile.
Track Name: The Gate
Trains are leaving and the night is coming for you wearing its shroud of black and blue. Why can't the people just be so our minds can roam free on some higher plane of understanding we can't conceive?

I've seen this all before, but they're standing at the door. The gate of ivory fills your head with false dreams.

Faces are changing and the shapes rearranging on cue. Waving its flag in the city of ruin.

I'm something of a liar. I can't stop the fire unless the atoms turn in reverse. The place I'm trying to be: the intersection of all I've been and all I've seen...